Hollyland Syscom 421 - 4 Transmitter with 1 Receiver 1800ft Video/Audio Transmission System

Equipment: 4TX to 1RX
Sale price$6,599


Whats in the box? - 4 Transmitter with 1 Receiver

1. Transmitter x 4;
2. Receiver x 1;
3. 5GHz Antenna x 25;
4. User Manual x 1;
5. 7-Inch Magic Arm x 4;
6. OTG Cable x 1;
7. DC Conversion Cable x 4;
8. RS485/RS422 Interface Cable x 5;
9. Power Adapter x 1.

Key Features

1. 1800ft Transmission Range
2. The lowest achievable latency is 0.07s
3. 5.1-5.9 GHz Frequency Band Width, Supports Frequency Configuration for Different Territories
4. Supports 4 SDI Input and HDMI Input, 4 SDI Output and HDMI Output
5. 4 Transmitters Use the Same Wireless Channel with Strong Anti-Interference Ability
6. Supports TALLY and RS485/RS422 Control
7. Support USB Firmware Upgrade
8. With RJ45 Interface, Supports Network Pass-Through between Transmitter and Receiver and Achieves RTSP Pull and Push Streaming

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