CIOKS DC5 Link 9V / 12V / 18V DC Universal Power Supply

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5 Isolated Outputs and 10 Flex Cables for Effect Pedals - Compatible with Temple Audio and Pedaltrain Nano / Mini / Metro Pedalboards

  • CONFIGURABLE POWER OUTPUTS - The CIOKS DC5 Link offers 9, 12, and 18V outlets with a total 900mA current. This allows you to simultaneously power low-current and medium-current pedals.
  • REDUCES EMI NOISE - Equipped with a high-efficiency toroidal transformer, the DC5 Link rejects unwanted noise in a ground loop.
  • WORKS WITH SPECIAL PEDALS - Some MXR and Pigronix dirt pedals require 18V of power and the DC5 Link can deliver that! The middle output can be set from 9V to 18V.
  • ENSURES SMOOTH OPERATION - All outputs have short circuit protection so if one outlet goes overload its respective LED indicator will turn off, but will not affect the other pedals.
  • FITS IN VARIOUS PEDALBOARDS - The power supply's flat design makes it compatible with Temple Audio, Pedaltrain Nano, Mini, the New Nano+ and all Metro pedalboards.

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