Dayton Audio BTR01 Bluetooth Audio Receiver with 24-bit/48 kHz Optical Coaxial RCA Outputs

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Turn your current wired setup into a Bluetooth wireless enabled system with the Dayton Audio BTR01. Not only does the BTR01 give you the freedom of wireless connectivity, it also provides great sounding audio. Supporting CSR true digital signal outputs and Hi-Fi lossless music playback, the BTR01 truly delivers 24-bit/48 kHz (coaxial and optical outputs) audiophile sound quality. Easily integrated into your current playback system, the receiver's stereo RCA, optical, and coaxial outputs make this a great addition for any setup. Use the outputs to connect to any active speaker to other audio devices, such as an amplifier for passive speakers.

The lightweight aluminum alloy enclosure has an extremely small footprint making it inconspicuous and perfect for portable use. Since the BTR01 runs on 12v DC power it can easily be integrated into mobile audio systems commonly found in cars, boats, RV’s and even motorcycles. Easily upgrade old outdated audio systems with the BTR01.


• Input: Bluetooth

• Bluetooth version: 4.0

• Output: Stereo RCA, optical, coaxial

• Codec support: AAC

• Sample rate: 16-24-bit/44.1-48 kHz (coax/opt)

• Distortion rate: >0.004%

• Frequency response: 20 - 20,000 Hz

• SNR: 90 dB

• DC power: 12V 1A

• Material: Aluminum alloy

• Dimensions: 1.29" H x 3.85" W x 2.28" D.

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