Dayton Audio DSPB-K DSP Kernel Board and DSPB-KE Kernel DSP Expansion 2-In 3-Out

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The Dayton Audio DSPB-K DSP and DSPB-KE preamp bundle adds powerful DSP processing and quick connectivity to any amplifier or audio project! It’s preconfigured to adjust high / low pass filters and gain settings with the onboard potentiometers, but unlock its full potential by combining it with the Dayton Audio ICP1 (sold separately). Explore almost limitless possibilities of precise EQ, filters, bass processing, time alignment and so much more with the SigmaStudio development tool. Stacked together this package is still smaller than most passive crossover circuits, plus it adds all of the RCA and 3.5mm connections appropriate for making a 2.1 system.
Key Features
  • Extremely popular Analog Devices' ADAU1701 processor is built in for advanced DSP processing in a tiny package
  • Four potentiometers built in to adjust the gain and high / low pass filters for your satellite and subwoofer channels right out of the box
  • Almost endless customization when combined with a Dayton Audio ICP1 (sold separately) and SigmaStudio
  • 3.5 mm and RCA input/output connections appropriate for making a 2.1 system
  • Includes 10-pin wire harness and standoffs

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