Dayton Audio HTS545HE-4 Kraken 21" High Excursion Subwoofer with 5" Voice Coil 4 Ohm

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Dayton Audio's HTS545HE-4 21" Kraken high output home theater subwoofer is built for the deepest bass, maximum SPL, and low distortion. Appropriately named the Kraken, this beast of a driver is capable of moving extreme amounts of air with outstanding control and power. With a potent ferrite motor, 5" voice coil, rigid treated paper cone, dual spiders, rugged cast aluminum frame, 95.6 dB sensitivity, and 42 mm of peak-to-peak excursion this driver will seriously shake your home theater to its foundation. The Kraken is the master of the deep!
Key Features
  • Massive 5" inside/outside wound voice coil for extreme power handling and incredible control
  • 21 mm of excursion with minimal loss of motor force allows incredible displacement capability
  • True dual spider design with ample spacing to keep excursion linear with low distortion
  • Reinforced treated paper cone keeps unwanted resonances under control
  • Aluminum shorting sleeve for minimal distortion when driven to extreme levels
  • Unique over-excursion protection system warns you just before catastrophic failure

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