Dayton Audio IO65XTB 6-1/2" IP66 Indoor/Outdoor 2-Way Speaker Pair with Radiator Black

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Utilizing a passive radiator, the Dayton Audio IO65XT Indoor/Outdoor Speakers delivers a surprising amount of low-end while remaining suitable for outdoor use. The IO65XT is suitable for use in both commercial and consumer applications with 70V/100V taps as well as an 8-ohm bypass. The flexible nature of the speakers make them perfect for patios, pools, gardens, offices, bars, and hotels.

Incredible Bass Response

The IO65XT challenges the notion that outdoor speakers lack in low-end response. Without sacrificing durability, the IO65XT is able to produce extended bass by using a passive radiator. The passive radiator design allows the speaker to provide a surprisingly deep, tight bass response while keeping the enclosure small. The superb bass and natural, smooth high-end create an enjoyable listening experience no matter where installed, indoors and out.

Consumer and Commercial Applications

Flexibility makes the IO65XT a perfect go-to speaker in any type of install. With 70V/100V transformer taps, the speaker can be used in commercial installations such as background music and paging systems in bars, hotels, conference rooms, and offices. In addition, the IO65XT includes an 8-ohm bypass option for use with consumer amps for residential applications such as pools, patios, gardens, and porches. The IO65XT is a great option for virtually any installation, residential or commercial.

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