Hollyland 2/4 Wire Converter

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Packing List

  1. Converter x 1;  
  2. USB Type-C Cable x 1;
  3. Mounting screws x 5;                   
  4. User Guide x 1. 

Key Features

  1. 2-wire / 4-wire Bi-directional Convertion
  2. Auto Nulling
  3. Gain can be Adjusted Flexibly
  4. Offer 6-segment LEDs Level Indication
  5. Simple Installation


Two-to-Four-Wire Converter


3 Pin XLR Female 2-Wire Interface

3 Pin XLR Male 2-Wire Interface

3 Pin XLR Female 4-Wire Input Interface

3 Pin XLR Male 4-Wire Output Interface

USB Type-C Interface

Power Supply Mode

12~36V 2-Wire DC Input

2-Wire Output

Noise:< -68dBu                                            

Matching Impedance:104~240Ω                               

Frequency Response:100~5KHz±3dB                            

Distortion: <1% @1KHz                                             

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:>55dB @-12dBu

2-Wire Input

Maximum Uncompressed Levels:≥6dBu

Input Impedance:>10KΩ

2-Wire Input to 4-Wire Output Gain:12dB±1dB

4-Wire Output


Output Impedance:<400Ω                                   

Frequency Response:100~5KHz±3dB                               

Distortion: <1% @1KHz 

Signal to Noise Ratio:>55dB @0dBu

4-Wire Input

Maximum Uncompressed Input Levels:≥18dBu

Input Impedance:>10KΩ

4-Wire Input to 2-Wire Output Gain:-12dB±1dB

Power Consumption




Net Weight

Around 520g

Working Temperature

-20~+60℃ (Working Status)

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