JOYO JF-01 Vintage Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal with True Bypass

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  • The Vintage Overdrive JF-01 pedal is one of JOYO most popular effect pedals, introducing warm overtones when used as a clean volume boost, searing tone as well as warmth of a classic overdrive tube amp.
  • JF-01 pedal has three control functions: Volume (output), Drive (gain) and Tone. It features true-bypass design, and the world-renowned JRC4588 chip provides a full sound for the guitar.
  • JOYO guitar effects "Distortion", "Overdrive" and "Fuzz" are similar in effect, but they each have subtle differences in tone, ranging from warm mild overtones to an extreme manipulation of the guitar signal.
  • Distortion effects produce approximately the same amount of distortion at any volume, and its sound alterations are much more pronounced and intense. Fuzz effects alter the audio signal until it is nearly a square wave and will open up a whole new experience when playing the electric guitar.

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