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JOYO High Gain Distortion Pedal

One of JOYO most popular effect pedals

JF-04 High Gain Distortion pedal with features and tone that make it a dream come true. If you play rock n roll and sometimes want to cover an edgier metal song but don't have the Randall or PV head, to done with it. More importantly, the High Gain Distortion pedal from JOYO features the dual band EQ, perfect for Rock guitar sculpting.

Always produces (ripping solos) and delivers on so many levels (of GAIN!)

If you want more throat and mid-bass, crank the Mid knob up if you like the mids scooped for that alt sound, or just have a particularly twangy-sounding guitar (a Tele, for example),and you want to tame that all thickness, cut it back and youll find what so many great guitar players have found: Deep, in-your-face thrash sounds!

Enjoy all of them with High Gain you can begin to EQ every last bite of metal tone out of your favorite multi-purpose Ax today! From a little blues rock crunch to an all out snarling distortion this is one versatile pedal. When used with single coils at lower gain settings you'd have to look twice to make sure you hadn't stepped on your Vintage Overdrive!

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