JOYO JF-13 AC Tone Vintage Tube Amplifier Effects Pedal Analog Circuit and Bypass British Rock Distortion Sound for Electric Guitar Effect

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JOYO AC Tone Vintage Tube Amp Sim Pedal

One of JOYO most popular Amp Sim pedals

JF-13 AC Tone guitar effect pedal based on the AC-30 tube amplifier that, with a little help from two mop-top multi-instrumentalists, revolutionized the electric guitar sound, JOYO AC tone pedal really rocks our age.

The JOYO AC Tone pedal really captures something usually missing from most modern guitar sounds: subtle to aggressive warmth and a natural sounding overdrive. With the unique "voice" control, you can dial in never before heard tones.

Distortion is warm and natural, with subtlety in mind

JOYO AC TONE has 6 knobs! Many combinations are possible. This pedal can make your clean sound sparkle by thickening the mid-range and adding as much top-end bite as you can take (or take away), while the distortion it offers is straight out of the USSR.

Featuring endless controls, bypass wiring, and components of only the highest quality, the pedal can put in more than a hard day's work.

Level and drive controls add incredible range.

Level and Drive controls add incredible range, while the 3-band EQ offers even more flexibility in getting an original sound.

JOYO JF-13 definitely holds its own in any pedal chain, especially for guitar players with the desire to blend new and old.

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