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  • EXTENDED SPOUT: This spout kit can be used as an extended spout where length of the nozzle matters just to pour fluid without any mess or spill.
  • UNLEADED REDUCER: The reducer tip is very efficient and can be screwed on top of main spout for easy fuel discharge.
  • TWO BASE CAPS: Black cap is fine coarse and used for older Briggs and Stratton, Rubbermaid, Essence, Blitz and Gott cans. Yellow cap is Coarse Thread and used for Midwest, Scepter and Chilton, Jerry can adapter, No Spill adapter, and Racing Jug adapter.
  • SS FILTER AND TONS OF ACCESSORIES : It comes with stainless steel filter/false arrester to prevent damage to the can by filtering any solid particles. Tons of stuff included Such as Vent Plug, Two Cords To Tie Caps, Base Caps etc.
  • SUPER FLEXIBLE SPOUT: This Kit is super flexible and extendable

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