Mattress Cooler Classic - Chilled Water Sleep Cooling System Ideal for Hot Sleepers and Night Sweats - Includes 27"x63" Cooling Pad

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  • Sleep cooler: Water circulates through the cooling pad 27 inches x 63 inches. Body heat is removed from the sleep envelope and cold air is trapped under your blanket, insulating you in cooler air to provide a restful sleep 
  • Easy to useAdd about 1 quart of water a day to maintain the water level. Drain the Mattress Cooler every 2 weeks to keep the system free of debris. The mattress pad should be replaced about 4-6 months 
  • Aids with recovery: Reduced body temperature encourages your body's natural healing processes; benefits people who are suffering from hot flashes, night sweats, menopause, back and body pains, muscle fatigue and many more sleep ailments 
  • Low noise: Produces a low volume hum that helps lull many people to sleep. On its maximum fan setting, it produces 40 decibels of sound, which is equivalent to a very quiet whisper you would hear in a library 
  • Reduce energy expenses: For less than 1 cent per night to power a Mattress Cooler, you can drastically reduce your energy usage while providing an ideal sleep temperature 

    Are you ready for something better than a cooling blanket or a cooling comforter for night sweats? Our bed cooling system will regulate your body temperature and provide you with a better night's sleep. A cooler bed helps you fall asleep faster, decreases insomnia, releases melatonin, and decreases the risk for metabolic elements.

    How it works:

    Chilled water circulates through a PVC vinyl mattress cooling pad. The chilled pad removes body heat, cooling you to the desired sleeping temp. After the water has absorbed your body heat, it's returned to the Mattress Cooler and recirculated.


    5-10 mins

    1) Place cooling pad between mattress and a fitted sheet. To cool yourself, place the pad from head to foot. For two people, place across the mattress between your neck and waist. Avoid placement near sharp objects or high friction areas where you get in/out of bed.

    2) Connect cooling pad tubes to the cooler. Remove the top lid so you can pour up to 2 quarts of water into the Mattress Cooler. The water tank has a water level to prevent overfilling the unit.

    3) Press "on". If you get an E1 error, turn off the cooler, add water, then power on.

    4) The two settings you will need to adjust in order to make the mattress pad cooler, or not as cold, will be the fan and pump settings. F1 is the highest fan setting and D1 is the setting for continuous running. To reduce the cooling, we recommend turning the fan to a lower setting like F3 or F4. Also, D2 will have the mattress cooler cycle on 3 mins and off 3 mins, D3 will have the mattress cycle on 3 mins at a time every 9 minutes. D4, however, will turn off the fan and run the pump only. D4 is the least cool setting. Many people use D2 or D3 cycles with their desired fan speed.


    The system will use about 1 qt of water a night. To preserve your cooler, drain the system every 2 weeks. To drain, remove the drain plug under the unit. You can add up to 1/8 tsp of bleach to the water to keep tubes clean. Don't overuse bleach; it can damage the system.


    Place cooler higher than the mattress pad for better circulation. If you are having issues with the water overflowing, first try running it with less water in the tank. If you're still having the issue after, change the fan cycle to D4 when you wake up; it will prevent backflow.
    Cooling pads should be replaced every 4-6 months, friction from rubbing, sliding, folding etc... can develop weak spots over time.

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