Norpro Canning Bubble Popper/Measurer, Green

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  • Measures: 9" X 1. 25"/ 23cm x 3cm
  • This bubble popper and measurer is used while canning to remove air bubbles before sealing jars.
  • To make sure that air bubbles have not been Trapped inside the jar, run a bubble popper around the edges of the jar, gently shifting the food, so that any Trapped air is released. After the air bubbles have been removed, more liquid may need to be added to the jar to ensure proper head space.
  • Convenient measure marks on one end of our bubble popper for measuring the head space in your jars to avoid overfilling. Allowing the proper head space according to processing directions for specific foods is necessary so that all the extra air will be removed during processing and a tight vacuum seal will be formed.
  • Heat resistant plastic won't scratch jars.
  • A must have for home canning.

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