Outdoor Multi-purpose Folding Military Shovel

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  • Multi-Functional

Shovels have come a long way since they were first invented. Now, they are not just mere shovels. There are now shovels with customized designs for a specific job. This aluminum shovel is built to withstand sub-zero conditions. Since aluminum is famous for its increasing strength, the colder it gets, you know you’re getting a heavy-duty snow shovel. Classed as an army trench shovel with its different functions, you can bet that its sharp edge can shovel and dig, while its serrated edge can cut and saw. You can even use it as a hammer. 

  • Extendable

The standard backyard snow shovel is too long, too bulky, and too heavy that you’d probably leave it at home. Even if it can fit in your car, you don’t want to waste space, right? Thankfully, different assembly methods can easily transform this small snow shovel into a large snow shovel. With a collapsible feature and a light but sturdy material, bringing along this military shovel will no longer be an issue.

  • Tactical

This folding trench shovel ain’t like any other. While it can be used for mundane snow shoveling, it can do so much more than that. After all, it is classified as a military folding shovel. This army shovel has added tactical features such as breaking a window, staging an escape, digging a trench; it’s like your very own version of a Swiss Army shovel. It’s no wonder that a military trench shovel is in high demand, for they are your go-to buddy for survival.


  • Multifunctional Snow Shovel
  • Extendable Feature
  • Aluminum Alloy Material

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