‎Seizmik Pursuit Night Vision Side Mirrors (1.75" round tube)

Sale price$285.99


Fits any 1.75" round tube ROPS.
Vehicle fitment includes: Polaris Full & Mid Size Ranger with Round Tube; Polaris RZR; John Deer Gator; Honda Pioneer 1000; Can-Am X3; Textron Wildcat; Textron Wildcat XX

The Seizmik Pursuit Side View Mirrors with Dual Mode LED Night Vision come equipped with white and green Cree LED chips which provide peripheral illumination to the mid-forward and side ground areas around the UTV. Night Vision Mode may be used for better visual acuity at lower light levels as the eyes adjust to the surrounding darkness quicker while using green light. This mode also helps avoid attracting attention from game and wildlife. The White Light Mode is used for maximum illumination, providing bright lighting around the vehicle when needed.

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