Bloodline Tattoo Ink Set Best 7 Selling Colors ½ oz + 20 Stable Ink Caps Bundle for Free

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  • The Bloodline tattoo ink is also known as Skincandy tattoo ink. It is a pre-dispersed ink manufactured in California, USA. The inks palette contains some of the most unique colors on the market. 

    Bloodline 7 Primary Color Tattoo Ink Set is widely used by some of the Top Tattoo Artists. This set contains seven color bottles of 1/2 Oz with Free 20 Ink cups.

    QUALITY IS A MUST - The Bloodline tattoo inks are bold, bright, and long-lasting. Every time, our ink will appear thriving and beautiful. All-Purpose Black is a very dark and thin black which is excellent for outlining or shading.

    FAST RECOVERY - Bloodline tattoo inks are being created with a high dispersion product that applies effortlessly into the skin, making the tattooing process quick and comfortable while also assisting the application site in recovering fast.

    BLENDING - All Bloodline Tattoo Inks can be mixed with other ink colors to create great and precise shades required to produce exceptional drawings.

    TOLERANCE - Since Bloodline Tattoo Inks is a vegan and animal-loving company, we do not test the inks on animals, so you are free to use our products without feeling any guilt. Everything from mixing, pouring, bottling, labeling, packing, and shipping happens in our clean location in the United States.

    PEOPLE TRUST US - All Bloodline Tattoo Inks are easy to use, comfortable to work with, and approved by over 10.000 artists. 

    Bloodline 7 Primary Color Tattoo Ink Set Includes:

    • All Purpose White
    • All Purpose Black
    • Bellbottom Blue
    • Bright Red or Candle Apple Red
    • Canary Yellow
    • Redd Kross
    • Iris Mist
    • 20 FLAT BOTTOM Tattoos Ink Caps 

    Key Features: 

    • Each bottle is 1/2 oz in the set
    • 100% Authentic Ink
    • High-Quality Colors
    • Sterilized & Sealed
    • Bright & Vibrant Long-Lasting Color
    • Set of 7 Primary Color of Bloodline tattoo ink
    • Made in the USA

    Technical Specifications:

    • Color: Multi-color
    • Size: 1/2oz
    • Brand: Bloodline
    • Material: Pigment
    • Manufactured: Skincandy
    • Product Type: Tattoo Ink

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