SoftstartRV by NetworkRV - Your Compact RV Softstart for All of Your Camper AC Unit Needs - Camper AC, Camper Soft Start

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  • Too Many Appliances? No Problem - Using new technology, NetworkRV allows your RV air conditioner, roof air conditioner, refrigerator, heater, hair dryer, & even your TV to start even with low RV power. Our advanced soft starter can kickstart anything from a small Honda 2200 up to, but not limited to, a 15000 BTU RV air conditioner mounted on the rooftop of your RV! How big are your RV AC units? It doesn't matter, SoftStartRV has your back!
  • Start Your Compressor With Less Of A Bang - When your compressor kicks in, it can trip your generators, 20 AMP circuit breakers, throttles your RV air conditioners, & causes more stress than you ever asked for, right? With our new technology, instead of a huge jolt of AMPS to start your compressors, we have designed our product to use less peak amps over a longer period of time, resulting in less tripped breakers & more good times! 
  • Sleep Better With Less Noise - We have designed our product to meet every aspect of RV life starting with the noise associated with your loud compressor unit. The "thumps" and "trailer shaking" during the night can become aggravating and we're here to help. The SoftStartRV reduces and eliminates most of the compressor noise and vibrations, resulting in a better overall RV experience, and better sleep.
  • We Stand By Our Product - NetworkRV expressly warrants its new product made by it to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of delivery to the original purchaser of our product. We stand by you and our products when the heat doesn't! Plus you can get an additional year of Warranty, free, for a total of 2-years.
  • Complete Guides And Tutorials - Here at NetworkRV, our customers are our biggest priority. Whether you're a propane grill master and know nothing about Softstarters or maybe an RV enthusiast and know everything there is to know, we have a full catalog of articles, web installation guides, live rooftop support via phone and much more for any level of expertise.

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