3D Wooden Puzzle- Model Safe Kit

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  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH 7.7 x 6.9 x 7.3 inches
  • Number of Pieces: 179
  • INCREDIBLE DIY EXPERIENCE: Build your own safe with a real working combination-lock. Store your precious belongings, your favorite candies, chocolates, jewelry, letters or whatever.
  • EASY ASSEMBLING: Follow the instructions in the manual to master upon your lock manipulation skills, learn the way tumbler wheel packs, spindles driven and the fences of the lock operate.
  • FUN FILLED ACTIVITY PUZZLE CUBE: You can use it for creating a fun-filled game of activity on any special occasion. For example, I can offer it as a challenge in closed form with the game prize in the middle of the safe. Contenders can try to open the safe, listen to the sounds inside or twist the handle. It will be grand fun, and if nobody succeeds.
  • NOBLE GIFT IDEA: Valentine's Day and it's an amazing gift for any occasion. And you can also use it as a teaser gift, wherein you can put in the actual gift inside the safe and present it to someone special, and after a while disclose to the recipient the way by which we can open the combination lock.
  • HIGH QUALITY DESIGN: High quality plywood with precise laser cutting. Parts join in an intact and sturdy manner with no glue. You can have the honor of explaining to them the principles on which the lock operates.

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